Angry Birds 2 - Slingshot

This was a very fun project with an incredibly tight deadline. I modelled all the assets (except for the bright yellow island on the second image) using a combination of Speedtree, Zbrush and Modo. Renders where then retouched/combined when needed and projected on geometry to allow camera moves.

CREDITS and final film:

German casado fraga shl sh067 dmp v028 dmpprecomp

Wip dmp with some photoshop comp.

German casado fraga sh48 001 crop

Wip render for the end shot (yellow island not modelled by me).

German casado fraga shl sh045 dmp 009 crop

Element for reprojection, rendered in Modo.

German casado fraga sh039 dmp v006

This was going to be so motion blured that I could get away with a rough render.

German casado fraga shl sh067 hog hex 004

Meshfusion came quite in handy for this one.